Experience the Wonders of Koh Tao Villas

Koh Tao is a beautiful Island in Thailand. With picturesque beauty and ultimate serenity, Koh Tao is one of the favorite destinations of nature loving people around the world. Travelers who have once visited the place, love to return again. They also refer this place to their relatives, neighbors and colleagues to visit the beautiful island. Tourists and local people say, it is hard to ignore the attraction of Koh Tao. Living in Koh Tao is as memorable as the island itself for those who have once stayed in the famous Koh Tao villas. The lavish and luxurious Koh Tao villas are an excellent choice to stay in Koh Tao.

Specialty of Luxurious Villas

Staying in these villas is indeed a lifetime experience for tourists. These villas are the ultimate definition of aristocracy, which everybody likes to experience at least once in their lives. Here are some specialties of these villas:

  • These villas offer all five-star amenities to the luxury travelers.
  • Residents can enjoy nature, the beautiful sea and distant mountains from their rooms and verandahs.
  • Rooms are spacious; the extra-large bedrooms and luxurious bathrooms allow residents to spend the days in ultimate coziness.
  • Large sun decks make one stick with his or her seat and enjoy the waves and clouds hours after hours. Nothing in the world is as relaxing as watching the sea without any disturbance.
  • Well-designed pools are another attraction of these villas. Residents can refresh themselves anytime in the neat and clean pool water.

Services Provided

Luxury, aristocracy, and facilities are not the ultimate factors unless and until professional services are rendered. In this matter too, the services provided by the management of these villas are unforgettable. The services start right after booking a villa online or over the telephone and ends only after you have left the island. Apart from normal services rendered by the staff, there are some special services provided to make the stay of the tourists more enjoyable:

  • Internet accessibility through WiFi is absolutely free.
  • Tea, coffee, and beverages can be ordered as and when needed during the daytime until midnight.
  • In case of an emergency, there is adequate staff available.
  • Free telephone services.
  • Taxi services on arrival on the island and during departure.
  • There are some paid services provided by these villa owners and management, which include:
  • Fishing trips and Rock climbing.
  • Personal massage and yoga sessions.
  • Groceries for cooking and exclusive Thai food delivery services.
  • Private diving courses to experience the fun of diving.
  • In-room breakfast facility along with private dinner facilities on demand.

Apart from these, numerous other services are available on demand. The ultimate motto of management of these villas is to make the tour and stay in Koh Tao very memorable.

Characteristics of Management and Supporting Staff:

  • Management and supporting staff are always ready to serve the residents with the best services possible.
  • Management of the villas makes regular visits to contact the dwellers for any problem and needs.

The memories of the time spent in these Koh Tao Villas will always be with you. With their personal and professional touch, the management and supporting staff are creating a whole new experience for the people visiting this amazing island.